About Us

Hello, I'm Jackie and I created Howl Around Cowal in 2018 after finding it difficult to source raw pet food for my dogs. I was wanting to provide a raw diet to my dogs after discovering how unhealthy the processed dog food commonly sold in the shops or online is and felt sure there were other owners in the region that thought the same. Howl Around Cowal provides a raw pet food delivery service throughout the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll, on the West Coast of Scotland (if you live a little further afield please contact me to discuss if delivery is possible). 

What Products


I supply a selection of The Raw Factory products including raw minces, chunks and meaty bones. Also available is a selection of healthy treats from JR Pet Products and Finer By Nature.

As well as food I also stock several items from Herbal Pet Products for use on your pets and around the home. I also hold a few leads, collars and harnesses in stock.

If I don't stock a particular item from one of my suppliers or you prefer to feed your dog, or cat, a different brand please do drop me a message and I will see if I am able to get hold of it. I am hoping to increase my freezer capacity and stock other brands when their is sufficient interest in them.

Please contact me via Facebook, Messenger, email, through the link from this website, give me a call or text.

Why feed raw?


You may, or may not have heard of raw feeding and it may seem like the latest trend but in fact many dog owners have been feeding raw meats to their dogs for decades. They frequently report healthier and happier dogs. Who's not to like that!

Wild dogs frequently will hunt their prey or scavenge from others and may go days without food when times are hard. Dogs, several generations back would most likely be fed raw and kitchen scraps and probably 50 years ago most pet dogs were fed cans of pedigree chum or similar whereas dogs fed on kibble (those highly processed dried biscuits) is a relatively new thing. It certainly seems like the number of serious health issues such as cancer and some of the more minor conditions such as skin irritations, but probably equally distressing to our dogs, are becoming very common. Our own doctors and health experts are telling us to have a fresh, healthy diet and to only eat processed foods occasionally. If processed foods are so bad for us then it is highly probable that it is the same for our dogs and there are studies that support this.

So what are the benefits of raw?


Shinier coats & healthier skin

Smaller and less smelly stools/poop

Better weight control

Cleaner teeth, better smelling breathe (unless just having eaten tripe of course!)

Increased energy/alertness especially in older dogs although a calmer dog in those that are stressed or agitated.

Improved overall health